Why A U.S. Clinical Clerkship Is Important and How That is Tied To Your Success

Doctor handshaking with african-american intern in clinic

U.S. clinical experience for international medical graduates
(IMGs), is perhaps one of the utmost significant parts of your application for
your residency specialization. It’s as vital as your degree itself. Having sufficient
and ample knowledge with hands on experience can help guarantee placing you
into the program of your choice. We wanted to share with you a few reasons this
will prove to be an essential part of your education and medical career.

Why A Hands on U.S. Clinical Clerkship Experience is Imperative to Your Success?

It Will Show You Are Knowledgeable With the U.S. Healthcare System

Similar to any other country’s healthcare classification, the one in U.S. is distinctive in its own ways. Clinical experience will assist you to familiarize yourself with the health care system in the US and provide training to prepare you for the specific medical practice and procedures. Furthermore, you will gain a better understanding of the country’s culture and technology.

Moreover, clinical experience in the United States helps IMGs exhibit to program directors that they completely comprehend the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) core capabilities and abilities in the country.

Program directors take clinical experience within the United States very seriously. Having it is essential to your success in your medical career.

You Get To Experience A Variety Of Diverse Specialties

To be the greatest promising doctor you can be, you need to identify and be able to recognize what field you want to go into and will best succeed in. The clinical know-how starts with the professional elective that is available within your medical school by doing clinical rotations or medical clerkships. This is when you’ll develop and have the opportunity to discover and encounter  various specialties within medicine such as: internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. Clinical rotations or Clerkships for medical students are where you’ll certainly absorb the essentials of what it means to exercise medicine.

Eventually, obtaining knowledge and involvement in these precise areas will make you a more attractive and desired candidate that is well-suited for the medical school residency programs you want to go into.

U.S. Clinical Experience Demonstrates Significant Specialized Abilities

Clinical experience is entirely dissimilar from learning medicine from books. You will pick up many skills because it will teach you to be able to be talented in communication and develop skills in that area. You will also learn how to thrive in high-stress situations. It provides you hands-on experience as nothing else can and shows you how to intermingle with patients and staff.

By the time your U.S. clinical experience comes to an end, you’ll have acquired a completely new education and a letter of recommendation. In addition, clinical experience is an exceptional prospect to network and build new connections.

You Will Be Ready For Medical School Residency Interviews

Residency interviews are yet a different dynamic factor in getting positioned in the medical school residency program that you want, and clinical experience can increase your probabilities of receiving one. Going through clinical experience demonstrates you have learned about the actualities of practicing medicine and have expanded a valuable understanding and knowledge throughout your time learning and studying.

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